Floods again, this time in Gent.

A heavy cloudburst has caused flooding in East Flanders. In Ghent several streets were flooded. The local emergency services received some 150 reports. “In the meantime it has stopped raining, […]

Information on the withholding tax on real estate

Applying for a remission or proportional moderation of the withholding tax on real estate. In case of vacancy, unproductivity or destruction of a property during the tax year, a proportional […]

Smoke detectors????

When are smoke detectors mandatory Smoke detectors are mandatory sinds 21 october 2004 in Wallonië. When remodeling your home after the floods, it is best to think about safety. You […]


Citizens CAN had the honor of making a “feedback on volunteer involvement in crisis management,” at the proclamation of Planicom, the interuniversity certificate in crisis management and emergency planning. More […]

River of People

Op 15.05.2022 slaan we de handen in elkaar. Bewoners, getroffenen, familie, vrienden en hulpverleners verzamelen zich rond de Vesder om samen stil te staan bij de verschrikkelijke gebeurtenissen van juli […]