Support platform for victims and spontaneous volunteers

In the event of a humanitarian crisis and/of natural disaster:


Have you been the victim of a natural or major disaster? Then you can find more information here.


Are you a volunteer who would like to lend a hand to assist victims? You can find more information here.


Are you from a press agency and would like more information from us? Then please click here.

Our Goals:

  • Space for exchange and coordinattion between volunteers.
  • Connection with other actors (authorities,…)
  • Centralization of useful information for disaster victims and volunteers
  • Inclusion of volunteer help in crisis management

Useful information by:

  • Federal, provincial & regional authorities
  •  Commune
  •  Red Cros
  • Insurances en Disaster funds
  • Map of assistance centers
  • Map of the disaster area
  • Upcoming support events